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CranioSacral therapy

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy is a light touch, gentle treatment that can affect tissues very deep in the body. For people who want deep tissue massage, often their tension lies deeper than massage therapy can reach.

Craniosacral therapy works to balance and release tensions primarily in the fascia or connective tissues. These tissues are thin and literally wrap around our organs, nerves, brain and spinal cord as well as bones and muscles. When tight, movement and circulation can be restricted. This often contributes to pain and improper function of that tissue.

Craniosacral gently “unwinds” both new and very old restrictions in the body that you may not even realise were there. Better blood flow and movement allow the body to heal naturally.

What to expect during craniosacral treatment.

Craniosacral Therapy is performed with the client fully clothed, positioned comfortably with pillows and blankets. For children, the therapist works as they play or are held by their parent.

Many people feel gentle “unwinding” of tissues in the body as the therapist works. Most feel a deep relaxation as tensions loosen and the nervous system “resets” into a more relaxed state. Occasional stretching or pulling sensations may occur.

It is not advised to plan vigorous activity or other body work treatments the day of or two following a treatment, to allow your body to continue to benefit from the effects of craniosacral therapy.

Who can benefit from craniosacral therapy?

  • Pediatrics
  • Seniors
  • Acute pain and injury
  • Migraines and tension headaches
  • Chronic pain that has been resistant to other treatments
  • Multiple surgeries/scar tissue
  • Trauma of all kinds, especially car accidents, new or in the past
  • Stress, anxiety, emotional and behavioural problems - due to craniosacral’s calming effects on the nervous system
  • Concussion, head injuries, stroke
  • Neurological conditions such as cerebral palsy, spina bifida, developmental delay
  • Alzheimer’s and dementia

Mary Lynne has completed the advanced Pediatric Craniosacral therapy program and advanced Brain Craniosacral therapy through the Upledger Institute in Florida. She has also completed her 4 levels of Craniosacral therapy for adults. She is comfortable treating babies, children, pregnant women and adults with craniosacral therapy. Craniosacral Therapy is a treatment that focuses on balancing connective tissue tensions in the body. It can alleviate deep tensions and pain in the body, brain and spine, especially those caused by trauma or surgery.Craniosacral therapy is especially effective as part of a treatment program for musculoskeletal problems, neurological conditions including developmental delay, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, ADD/ADHD, balance/dizziness problems, stroke, concussion, chronic pain and stress. It is also a great treatment if you are wanting to improve your flexibility or overall feeling of wellness. For more information on Craniosacral therapy please visit the Upledger Institute.

CranioSacral can help many symptoms and conditions.
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How many treatments are needed?

Generally you will start to feel results of treatment within a few days. The body can continue to “unwind” tensions initiated from the treatment over the following days.Most people require 3 – 4 visits at a minimum for best results with further follow up depending on progress of symptoms. Long term or degenerative problems require more visits but this is up to the client, depending on goals and symptoms.

Pediatric craniosacral therapy

Common baby and childhood problems can be treated using the gentle approach of craniosacral therapy. By gently loosening tensions in the body and nervous system, your child can feel and function their best. It also generally has a calming effect, which can benefit sleep, digestion and mood.Like adults, babies and children can experience physical and emotional injuries. The birth process, falls, bumps and bruises can cause subtle to severe trauma in children, and sometimes unexplained crying, poor sleep or digestion, and behavioural problems may be the only way your child is able to communicate that something is bothering them.

Colic, breastfeeding and sleeping difficulties, developmental delay, mis-shapen or flat head (plageocephaly) in babies can be concerning for parents. Craniosacral therapy can contribute greatly to alleviating some of these symptoms. It can also help a premature baby’s body and nervous system adjust better.In older children, postural problems such as scoliosis, flat feet, clumsiness, and slouching posture along with DNS can make a big difference.

Seniors craniosacral therapy

As we age, our body in general has less adaptability, especially if we have had many injuries, surgeries or health problems. Our bodies can get stiffer, more painful and our daily function can decline. Craniosacral therapy is a gentle therapy that helps to restore flexibility and blood flow to your tissues both deep and on the surface, old or new. This can help regain or maintain optimal function ultimately helping maintain independence.

Our brains can also be affected as we age concussions, neck injuries, and other health conditions in a lifetime can contribute to declining brain function. Memory loss, decreased cognitive abilities, Alzheimer’s and dementia can steal away our enjoyment of our later years.

Craniosacral therapy as well as physiotherapy can help lessen restrictions in our body and nervous system, and can improve circulation to the brain. Doing physical activities can improve cognitive abilities.

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