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Custom-made orthotics are made to fit your foot perfectly, converting all of your footwear into the most comfortable shoes ever. Shoe manufacturers do not invest much into the insole of footwear so that they can fit many different types of feet. For you this can mean poor support, aching feet, knees or low back.

Most people can benefit from orthotics. Midnapore physical therapy strongly recommends orthotics for;

  • Flat or sagging arches
  • Foot pain
  • Work on your feet all day

Our physiotherapist will evaluate the need for orthotics or if you require a different approach to treatment. If you want an orthotic that will easily transfer between footwear or if you want one specifically for a sport shoe, dress shoe or work boot, we can fit your needs with a quality orthotic.

When Do I need new orthotics?

Since our feet change slightly over time or with weight changes, it is recommended that every 2-3 years you be re-evaluated to see if your orthotics are still working properly for you. Another clue that your orthotics may need to be updated is if you have new foot pain or a return of an old problem.

Book an appointment with our physiotherapist to have your old orthotics evaluated.

Dress Shoe or Flats Orthotic. Do you wear mostly flats?

An orthotic is definitely recommended, as there is very little support in flats.

Are other orthotics too bulky to fit into your dress shoe or flats? No problem – super thin but supportive graphite materials can be custom made into your orthotic for great support and minimal bulk.

Book an appointment with our physiotherapist to have your custom orthotic built right for you.

Pediatrics Orthotics

Orthotics can be helpful for many children who have foot pain, flat feet or knee pain. They may however not be the ‘cure’ for such problems.

Our physiotherapist will evaluate your child’s feet and whole lower extremity to determine the cause of the foot problems. It is often seen that lower back and hip weakness is linked to foot problems in children.

Children’s Orthotics and Outgrowth Policy

Orthotics for kids can be costly especially when your child grows out of them! Our outgrowth policy allows your child to be re-fit for a complimentary second pair of orthotics if they are casted prior to 18 months of receiving the first pair. This must occur before the child turns 13.

Children under the age of 4 usually do not require orthotics as their arches are still developing. If flat feet or foot pain is present however, they should be evaluated by our pediatric physiotherapist for other solutions. Flat feet, knock knees or a large arch in their lower back can imply possible postural problems which need to be addressed.

Orthotic Footwear and Sandals

Orthotics can be built right into the foot bed of a sandal or shoe. Summer foot wear such as flip flops can be very hard on your feet especially if you usually wear orthotics in other footwear. A beautiful and supportive sandal for summer is a great option that will last for years.

Workboots, running shoes and dress shoes can also be made with a built in orthotic. The advantage here is that you do not move the orthotic in and out of your footwear so there is a better fit. Recommended if you mainly wear the same footwear all the time and do not wish to transfer your orthotic to other shoes.

Sport Orthotic

Want an orthotic that is built especially for higher impact or sports? Our Impact Sport Orthotic has lots of cushion and comfort. Removal of the manufacturer’s insole is replaced by this orthotic which is meant as the sole orthotic for your sport shoes. This orthotic does not fit well into other footwear due to its higher foam and support design.

Everyday orthotic

Just want an orthotic for everyday use that will fit most of your footwear? This is our most common orthotic that easily transfers into most footwear.

Book an appointment with our physiotherapist to determine the best orthotic device for you!

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