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Pre/postnatal Massage


Physiotherapy can help you manage your pregnancy and recovery. This can be a challenging time for expectant mothers. Besides managing new responsibilities and details, managing how well you feel is also very important for a healthy birth and recovery. The stronger and healthier you are during your pregnancy will help you be the best for your family and yourself once your little one arrives and seems to take every moment of your time.

Low back and pelvis pain are common during the later stages of pregnancy, and upper back and neck pain can occur once you spend many hours carrying and feeding your newborn and all their things. Abdominal and pelvic floor muscles need preparation, recovery and strengthening.

Physiotherapists are trained in treating the common ailments of pregnancy and guiding you through the recovery process. Evaluation is recommended in the second trimester or when pain or dysfunction becomes a concern. Follow up is very important and recommended within the first 6 weeks after delivery. This is to ensure proper pelvic and lower back alignment and to start strengthening abdominals and pelvic floor muscles. This helps prevent future spinal and pelvic floor problems that are common, and ensures your body recovers if you have future pregnancies.

Many older women with difficulty controlling their bladder, wish that they had properly rehabilitated their pelvic floor muscles when they were in their childbearing years.

Baby Screens

Baby screens are performed by our pediatric Physical Therapist. Screens can help detect early physical or neurological problems which can then be addressed early. The birth process can be very challenging and early trauma often goes unnoticed. Babies are very resilient and will develop a tremendous amount over the first year. They adapt around early difficulties, which may not fully become noticeable until later in life. Finding and intervening early can help and sometimes prevent many later problems including spinal pain, developmental delay, learning and coordination problems, and scoliosis.

When should Baby Screens be done?

All babies benefit from a screen as early as 6 weeks of age but it can be done at any time. If your baby seems to be fussing more than normal or is having sleep or digestive problems this could indicate a need for a screen.

If your baby seems to be reaching milestones later than other babies their age a screen is recommended.

Normal milestones occur at the ages of 3 months, 4 1/2 months, 6 months, 8 months and 1 year. A trained therapist can help determine if these milestones are being met with good quality of posture and movement.

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Pregnancy and the post natal period can pose many challenges on the body of the expectant mother. Lower back pain, neck strain, carpal tunnel, aching and swollen feet are just a few things that can be a normal part of pregnancy for some women.

Pre/Postnatal Massage can help you feel and function better as you feel the aches, pains or pressure increase. Post natal massage can also get you moving and feeling better after.

Your massage therapist can also work with Pre/Postnatal Physiotherapy to ensure your goals are met. Professional positioning and draping techniques are used so you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Pre/Postnatal massage is a specialty massage requiring extra training, therefore ensure that you request a therapist with these qualifications.